Francis Lee Service Award Recipients

The Key Three Service Award was created in 2005 to honor Arrowmen for their dedicated work to Takachsin Lodge. In 2010, the award was renamed in memory of a fellow Arrowman and leader Francis Lee. Francis Lee served as lodge advisor for numerous years for both the current Takachsin Lodge and the former Harrison Trails Council Ojibwa Lodge before the lodge merge that created Takachsin Lodge.  This award is selected by the Key Three leadership of the lodge, which is made up of the Lodge Advisor, the Staff Advisor, and the Lodge Chief. So in honor of Francis Lee, Takachsin Lodge presents the Francis Lee Service Award annually to those who demonstrate the values of honor, service, and dedication to the principles and values that the Order of the Arrow and fellow Arrowman Francis Lee valued.

2017: Chris Birk – Lucas Bowman
2016: Craig Burkholder – Ethan Lutgen
2015: Bill Hart – Nathan Demien
2014: Rex Banter – Jacob Clupper
2013: Don Harper – Matthew Bowman
2012: Brad Banter – Nathaniel Tritt
2011: Randy Helder – Andrew Smelser
2010: Phil Drake – Kenny Helder
2009: Mark Beattie – Wes Beattie
2008: Andy Brewer – Lewis Day
2007: Matt Spalding
2006: Will Orchard
2005: Chris Gibson – Ryan Capporelli